Vibration Sensors

HE205 series

Analogue and relay output

1 - 1000 Hz / 10 - 1000 Hz

Vibration acceleration

g (rms)

The Type HE205 vibration monitoring unit is used to measure and monitor vibration acceleration on machines.

  • Two limit values and associated delay times are separately adjustable.
  • Both relay switching outputs indicate if the set window range is exceeded or undershot. This can be used to generate an alarm.
  • Measurement value: Vibration acceleration (g, rms).
  • Approvals: CE, ATEX, UKCA, UKEx, EAC, IEC, IEC Ex, SIL2 / PL-d (TÜV-Süd), cULus, cULus Haz.Loc., INMETRO, CCCex, KCs

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Compatible supplies


  • Vibrating troughs

    Vibrating troughs

    Conveyor technology is the focus here. Vibration measurement technology helps to detect both increased and insufficient levels of vibration. Special vibration monitoring systems are available for this, such as Type 663-WINDOW.