Measuring channels : 1

Portable measuring instrument

Suitable for : HE100 series

The portable measuring instrument is used to evaluate the output current of the Type HE100 vibration monitoring unit. To do this, the Type HE400 is connected to the output connector of the vibration monitoring unit with its connection cable. The Type HE400 acts as the power supply for the vibration monitoring unit. The vibration velocity calculated from the output current is displayed in mm/s rms. This is derived from measurements conducted on machinery with rotating parts (in accordance with DIN ISO 10816). The measurements are taken in order to detect machine damage and to protect against unexpected breakdowns.

  • The Type HE400 is an easy-to-use and compact portable measuring instrument.
  • The portable measuring instrument works with an interference-free input signal of 4...20 mA.
  • The measuring range is 0...16 mm/s rms at a frequency range of 10...1,000 Hz.

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