Vibration Sensors

HE100 series

Analogue output

Vibration velocity

1 - 1000 Hz / 10 - 1000 Hz

The Type HE100 vibration monitoring unit is used to measure and monitor absolute bearing vibrations in machines in line with DIN ISO 10816.

  • Operating principle: The two-wire system
  • Measurement value: The effective value (rms) of the vibration velocity in mm/s, in accordance with DIN ISO 2954
  • Analogue current output: Interference-free DC signals from 4...20 mA, proportional to the measuring range of the monitoring unit
  • Approvals: CE, ATEX, UKCA, UKEx, EAC, EAC Ex, IEC, IEC Ex, cULus, cULus Haz.Loc., CCCex, KCs

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Compatible supplies


  • Vents


    Fans are used successfully in almost all sectors of industry. Status monitoring helps to prevent faults such as imbalances or misalignments, identify wear processes early and make optimal use of the lifespan of components.

  • Turbines


    Turbines and generators have their application in the chemical, oil & gas or paper industries. Measurement of housing vibration is a typical process and a sound measure in status monitoring that is indispensable for the system operator.

  • Mills


    Mills are an important element in the cement industry, for instance. System components that are vital to production can be permanently monitored for vibration. This increases process safety, product quality and plant availability in a cement works.

  • Pumps


    Pumps are indispensable for conveying liquid or solid media, making them a permanent feature of any industry. Vibration monitoring is the means of helping the system operator to achieve functional status monitoring.