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Custom Solutions

We are your reliable and flexible partner for measuring technology, detecting mechanical vibrations and for your regulation and control functions. With the help of forward-looking and proven technology, we have what it takes to realise your specific tasks.

LED lights

LED spotlights are used, for example, for digital data acquisition using cameras. LED lights are manufactured as background lighting in flat form or as spotlights in ring, block or line form in every possible colour.

Four quadrant regulator

The microprocessor of this digital regulator can process 38 parameters in 1 millisecond for the output signal to adjust the blade angle in hydroelectric turbines. This regulator is used in hydroelectric power plants worldwide – the Yangtze Dam in China alone uses 80 of our regulators.

Time display for moving horse walkway

A cost-optimized solution for a time controller. Once the time is set, the horse walkway moves for instance for 20 minutes and then stops. The processor can be programmed with two time settings.

Calibration device for oil flow

Calibration device to adjust the quantity of oil flow in processing centres (tool lubrication). For this process, 4 capacity sensors are selected and combined by means of a mathematical formula. The results are output either via a 7-segment display or via LEDs.

High-voltage generators

Generating high voltages. Primary side: 230 V AC Secondary side: 6 kV DC 10 mA

High-voltage measurement

Isolating amplifier for high-voltage measurement: Primary side: 0 V…6 kV AC/DC 0…10/100 mA AC/DC Secondary side: 0 V…10 V DC

Spec. vibration monitoring for ventilators:

Cost-effective and customised solution for vibration monitoring. For this purpose, the sensor electronic was adapted to the existing control configuration.

Cutting support for diamond saw blades

This sensor measuring technology is applied in the surface treatment of diamond saw blades. It is used to detect the slightest contact between diamond saw blades and grinding wheels.

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