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Qualification and further training of employees play an important role in the production of machinery and in the maintenance of systems. HAUBER-Elektronik supports the development of your employees in your company with comprehensive technical expertise as well as a strong practical approach.

HAUBER-Elektronik offers you the possibility of expanding your expertise on the topic of vibration measurement and vibration monitoring in a workshop at your company.


  • The fundamentals of vibration measuring technology based on DIN ISO 10816
  • What types of measuring processes are there in vibration measuring technology
  • Measurement of vibration parameters and trend analysis
  • Possibilities for measuring points and sensor coupling
  • Introducing the HAUBER products and the possibilities they offer

Further benefits for you:

  • The seminar contents are individually tailored to suit your employees, machinery and systems
  • Practical measurements on your systems can be carried out during the seminar

HAUBER-Elektronik presents vibration measurements to the highest standards and very practical reference to your systems.

Please contact us, we would be delighted to provide a quotation free of charge.


  • Vents

    Fans are used successfully in almost all sectors of industry. Status monitoring helps to prevent faults such as imbalances or misalignments, identify wear processes early and make optimal use of the lifespan of components.

  • Centrifuges

    These systems are an integral part of the processes of many sectors of industry. Both status monitoring and personal protection play a central part in this. It is here that vibration monitoring systems with SIL/PL-d authorisations are particularly applicable.

  • Vibrating troughs

    Conveyor technology is the focus here. Vibration measurement technology helps to detect both increased and insufficient levels of vibration. Special vibration monitoring systems are available for this, such as Type 663-WINDOW.

  • Turbines

    Turbines and generators have their application in the chemical, oil & gas or paper industries. Measurement of housing vibration is a typical process and a sound measure in status monitoring that is indispensable for the system operator.

  • Mills

    Mills are an important element in the cement industry, for instance. System components that are vital to production can be permanently monitored for vibration. This increases process safety, product quality and plant availability in a cement works.

  • Pumps

    Pumps are indispensable for conveying liquid or solid media, making them a permanent feature of any industry. Vibration monitoring is the means of helping the system operator to achieve functional status monitoring.

  • Kühltürme

    Kühltürme sind anfällig gegen Umwelteinflüsse wie Wind. Das perfekte Produkt zur Schwingungsüberwachung ist der HE103 mit einer erweiterten Mittelungszeit von 60 s

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