Measuring vibrations precisely

Reliable monitoring of rotating machinery for vibration velocity and acceleration.

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Simple evaluation and protection

Safe shut-down protection of machinery if defined vibration limit values are exceeded or undershot.

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Accessories for every application

High-quality installation accessories for proper assembly and individual use of sensors and evaluation components.

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Get to know all HAUBER products at a glance.

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International Distribution

Our sales team is your reliable point of contact for advice and quotations. We provide on-site assistance in the form of analyses to help you determine the optimum vibration monitoring for your system.

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Applications across all sectors

Kunden aus vielen Industriebereichen vertrauen der Mess- und Regeltechnik von HAUBER-Elektronik. So ist HAUBER nicht nur in der Automobilindustrie oder bei OEM Herstellern von Industrieanlagen ein fester Bestandteil, sonder auch in der Bahntechnik, Kraftwerkstechnik und in der Pharmaindustrie.